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Question1~4 refer to the following e-mail

Hi, Linda!

Thanks for your last e-mail! I know you like art, just like I do, so I wanted you about the special trip my class went on last week. We took a bus into the city and spent two hours at the art museum, our own tour guide. The guide told us about the different artists and gave us the history of some of the paintings. I have more time, I will send you another e-mail with some of the photos I took that day. I took a lot of them! If your family comes to us this year, we can go to the art museum together.
Your cousin,



  • (A) tell
  • (B) told
  • (C) to tell
  • (D) telling

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  • (A) if there was
  • (B) that there was
  • (C) which we had
  • (D) where we had

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  • (A) When
  • (B) Rather
  • (C) During
  • (D) Whether

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  • (A) ask
  • (B) visit
  • (C) look
  • (D) return

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