Now you will hear a longer conversation and a teacher talking to a class. Each is followed by four questions.
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What are the speakers mainly discussing?
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  • (A) A new art project in the city
  • (B) An assignment for their art class
  • (C) An art display inside the public library
  • (D) A painting that the girl saw downtown
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Why is the boy excited?
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  • (A) A famous artist is going to visit his class.
  • (B) His artwork might be seen by many people.
  • (C) His class might visit an art museum.
  • (D) He is getting a good grade in his art class.
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Where does the boy say he may go this weekend?
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  • (A) To the zoo
  • (B) To an art store
  • (C) To Main Street
  • (D) To the public library
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Why does the girl suggest that the boy go to the art room?
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  • (A) So that he can hand in his homework
  • (B) So that he can sign up for a class trip
  • (C) So that he can see a new painting
  • (D) So that he can talk to the teacher
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