Reading Comprehension
Question1~4 are about the following announcement.
※サンプルテストスマートフォン版では、画面サイズの関係で文章の左側にLine(行数)を掲載することができないため、Reading Comprehensionの問題文「In line ●,the word ~」については、「In line ●,」を削除して掲載しております。
実際のテストは、「In line ●,」が問題文に記載されております。スマートフォンからサンプルテストをご覧いただく場合には、予めご了承ください。
Student Volunteers Needed! On Saturday, December 12th, from 10 A.M. until 4 P.M., Carverton Middle School will be holding a music festival in the school gymnasium. The special event will feature a variety of professional musicians and singers.
Make posters
1 P.M.-4 P.M.
December 5th
Set up gym
11 A.M.-4 P.M.
December 11th
Help performers
9 A.M.-4 P.M.
December 12th
Welcome guests
10 A.M.-2 P.M.
December 12th
Clean up gym
4 P.M. – 7 P.M.
December 12th
Interested students should speak with Ms. Braxton, the music teacher.
Students who would like to help at the festival must have written permission from a parent or guardian.

What time will the festival begin?

  • (A) 10 A.M.
  • (B) 11 A.M.
  • (C) 1 P.M.
  • (D) 2 P.M.
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In line 3, tThe word feature is closest in meaning to   .

  • (A) look
  • (B) keep
  • (C) include
  • (D) entertain
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What job will be done the day before the festival begins?

  • (A) Making posters
  • (B) Setting up the gym
  • (C) Cleaning up the gym
  • (D) Helping the performers
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Who is told to talk to Ms. Braxton?

  • (A) Parents
  • (B) Students
  • (C) Teachers
  • (D) Preformers
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