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Located in central Africa,    a very unusual lake.

of the largest lakes in the world; it is also one of the youngest.

Estimated to be about 15,000 years old, it is a relative baby compared with Earth’s other very large lakes, more than two million years old. Yet judging by the variety of life in it, Lake Victoria  a much older body of water. Usually, lakes need a much longer time by a diverse array of life-forms.

common for new lakes to contain only a small number of species. Lake Victoria, however, is with colorful fish, most notably, cichlids. There are 500 different species of just this one type of fish.



  • (A) Lake Victoria is
  • (B) and Lake Victoria is
  • (C) Lake Victoria's being
  • (D) although Lake Victoria is

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  • (A) It not only one is
  • (B) Is it one not only
  • (C) One is it only not
  • (D) Not only is it one

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  • (A) are
  • (B) they are
  • (C) which being
  • (D) which can be

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  • (A) resembles
  • (B) portrays
  • (C) views
  • (D) likes

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  • (A) is populated
  • (B) they are populated
  • (C) to become populated
  • (D) becoming populating

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  • (A) Is
  • (B) It is
  • (C) Being
  • (D) Because it is

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  • (A) opened
  • (B) packed
  • (C) satisfied
  • (D) purchased

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  • (A) many
  • (B) as many
  • (C) too many
  • (D) as many as

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