Read and find the answer.
Fill in the correct circles on your answer sheet.
Let's do an example.

1. Students go to class here. Teachers work here. It has many desks.
What is it?

  • (A) A house
  • (B) A school
  • (C) A bank
  • The correct answer is a school. Fill in "B" on your answer sheet for 1.

2. It flies high in the air outside. It is outside a school or government building. Each country has one.
What is it?

  • (A) A flag
  • (B) A land
  • (C) A language
  • Check Answer

3. Your brother is a fast runner. When you run together, you are often behind him. You try to run faster so that you can run next to your brother.
What are you trying to do?

  • (A) Catch up
  • (B) Cheer up
  • (C) Grow up
  • Check Answer

4. You have a pencil in your hand. Then, you let go of it. The pencil falls to the floor. What are you doing?

  • (A) Keeping the pencil
  • (B) Drawing with the pencil
  • (C) Dropping the pencil
  • Check Answer