Fill in the correct circles on your answer sheet.
Read the story about Lucy and her mother. Then answer questions 14 to 17.

“Please, Mom,” Lucy said. “Can we drive to the school? I won't get out of the car—I promise—and we can keep the windows closed. Just one little look. Please?”

“Lucy, you know we should not go to the school today,” Lucy's mother, Ms.Caleb, said. Early that morning, Lucy and her mom read that somebody saw a bear near the school. Every year, usually after spring vacation, sometimes—not often but sometimes—bears walk out from the woods next to the school.

“But Mom,” Lucy said. “This is my chance to see a bear outside the zoo. It is like a science project.”

“No, Lucy. You know it is not safe, and we are not going anywhere near the school today. We can see bears at the zoo any time.” Lucy was no longer listening.

“Mom,” Lucy said, her voice suddenly very quiet. “You are not going to believe this.”

“What is it Lucy?” Ms.Caleb said.

“Behind the house,” Lucy whispered. “On our swing, under the tree ...” Ms.Caleb already knew what was behind the house before she looked out the window. But she was not prepared to see a little bear sitting in the swing and gently rocking back and forth. Lucy and her mother stayed very quiet and just watched.


14. Where are Lucy and her mother?

  • (A) At the school
  • (B) At home
  • (C) In the car
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15. Why are Lucy and her mother not going to the school today?

  • (A) Because it is spring vacation
  • (B) Because they are going to the zoo
  • (C) Because there is a bear near the school
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16. What is the story about?

  • (A) Lucy and her mother see a bear near the house.
  • (B) Lucy and her mother want to look for a bear.
  • (C) Lucy and her mother go to the zoo and see a bear.
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17. How do Lucy and her mother feel at the end of the story?

  • (A) Angry
  • (B) Excited
  • (C) Surprised
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