Fill in the correct circles on your answer sheet.
Read the letter. Then answer questions 15 and 16.
Dear Grandma,
Thank you so much for taking my friend Michiko and me to the amusement park on Saturday. We had a really good time! Michiko’s favorite part was going on the water rides. But I liked going on the roller coaster with you. Usually I’m afraid of going up high, but with you sitting next to me, I didn’t mind at all. Can we go again soon?

15. Why is Michaela writing a letter to her grandmother?

  • (A) To tell her about her school day
  • (B) To thank her for taking her to a park
  • (C) To ask her what she did on Saturday
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16. What is true about Michaela?

  • (A) She is usually afraid of heights.
  • (B) She likes water rides best.
  • (C) She has an older sister.
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